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The webshop for your exhibition at

Cloud Festival 2024


  1. Click the button ’begin order’
  2. Choose products or services, all prices are incl. VAT
  3. Click on the basket
  4. Check it is the right products
  5. Check out
  6. Fill in your company details
  7. Delivery address is preselected for the event
  8. Fill in event name and company name
  9. Click the box for ‘terms and conditions’
  10. Place order

When we have received the order, a final confirmation will be sent for your approval.

All orders will be delivered directly to you stand.

Please read the exhibitor manual from the organizer, in here you will find all relevant information regarding your participation, including build-up- and take down time slots and opening hours.

Important information:

All services delivered to your stand are rental in full duration of the exhibition.


The webshop prices are including assembly and disassembly, transport, booking fee and environmental taxes.


All prices are including 25% VAT.


All orders must be paid before delivery.


Deadline for orders:

All orders must be placed no later than 14 workdays before the event. When ordering after this date, an additional cost of 50% will be charged.

It is not possible to place orders later than 72 hours before event start.


Adjustments / cancellations:

Early is better than too late! In other words, the sooner we receive your order – we have the time to control and maybe optimize with adjustments and improvements.


Adjustments and changes to existing orders can be made up to and no later than 5 days before event start.


About CPH Lounge:

We are an external company, but preferred partner and supplier to Cloud Festival 2024. We are here to help with whatever needs you have in regard to your exhibition stand.


CPH Lounge is the webshop administrator and service department.

Please send any enquiries to info@cphloungeexpo.com.

Get to know more about CPH Lounge at www.cphlounge.dk.



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